Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mass Moments

Are you a history buff, or do you enjoy learning bits of trivia about Massachusetts? This may be the site for you.

Mass Moments is an electronic almanac of Massachusetts history: 365 60-second radio spots, that will be broadcast daily on radio stations across the state, and a companion website, The spots are engaging and varied, with stories from every part of the state and every period of our history.

Some "moments" are nationally significant (the first wireless message, the Boston Marathon, the introduction of frozen foods), while others are more local (first Jordan Marsh store, "Tent City" demonstration, Great Flood of 1936). The website has the text and audio of the radio script as well as a background essay with more information on the event or individual featured in that day's spot; also a sample of the kind of primary source material used in the research, recommended links.

A bulletin board will allow users to contribute comments and questions and to engage in discussion with others.The site is searchable by topic, date, and region. Right now there is limited searchable content, but it will be growing day by day. It's easy to "subscribe" to Mass Moments. (Just click on "Subscribe to eMoments.") Once you do, the day's story automatically comes to your e mail address.

Mass Moments is sponsored by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities.


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heard Mass Moments on WUMB today, 11/9/05, and missed the year of the fire discussed. What was the year? Thanks.


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